• The 20 YEARS OF experience of our Certified Network Engineers allows us the ability to proficiently evaluate all of your organization’s IT needs. Our solutions are designed to reduce costs, increase revenue and manage business risks through productivity, NETWORK EFFICIENCY, security, DATA BACKUP and dIsASTER RECOVERY.

Serving Southwest Virginia & East Tennessee

Viking Cyber Solutions



having an experienced it consultant on your side is an insurance policy for your business productivity.  when your network goes down, you still have to pay your staff, you still have customers, you still have to do business. you can call us to come rescue your broken network after disaster strikes but to prevent that call we also offer remote management solutions to monitor and maintain your systems to greatly reduce the chances something will go wrong. here are some of our Remote management services

  •  24/7/365 Infrastructure Monitoring and Alerting
  •  Remote Helpdesk
  •   Network Security Testing
  •  Preventative Maintenance